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Duane Siemen P.E.
Assistant Vice President of F&S Operations
Ana Santiago
Administrative Assistant to Asst VP of F&S Operations
Alberto Santoni
Interim Assistant VP
Joseph Finnigan
Director Facilities Management, Lake Nona Cancer Center
Patrick Bohlen
Director Landscape and Natural Resources and Arboretum
Alex Fountain
Senior Manager, Satellite Campuses
Alyssa Crews
Manager, Planning
Amy Childs
Senior Manager, Main Campus Housing
Brian Hagan
Manager, Landscape and Natural Resources
Jaime E. Morales
Senior Manager, Downtown Campus
Jennifer Jordan
Manager, Asset Management
John McInerney
Manager, Facilities Maintenance, Main Campus
Keith Krueger
Director, Housekeeping and Recycling Services
Lauren Morris
Director, LNR
Mike Cecere
Manager, Facilities Maintenance, Main Campus
Ray Jarrett
Manager, LNR Land Management
Jason Simon
Manager, Housekeeping I
Tom Snyder
Manager, Facilities Maintenance I
Chris Rausch
Manager, Database Services