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A functional building. An attractive campus. A clean environment.

Our mission is to create a safe, functional, clean, efficient, and attractive living and learning environment. We focus on providing routine cleaning of facilities and housing, cleaning and recycling for campus events, special delivery or services, and recycling services. Our staff will also inventory and stock supplies such as toilet paper in every building to maintain daily operations.

Our housekeeping services

At Facilities Operations, our housekeeping units are focused on servicing the academic buildings and auxiliary areas such as the Student Union, Towers, and the Arena. Our team services common spaces within the Housing areas and provides a deep clean during semester turns. Areas such as the Recreation and Wellness Center, UCF Foundation, and Athletics manage their own housekeeping units. We also offer our services for some other auxiliary buildings at a billable rate.

Office space and personal cubicle locations will receive service weekly for trash removal and vacuuming. Centralized receptacles are located conveniently for faculty and staff  in all buildings for any recycling needs. (note: due to the sensitive nature of some recycled items, Facilities Operations Housekeeping & Recycling staff will not empty recycling receptacles within personal office and/or cubicle space.)

Common area locations are serviced daily for removal of all refuse/recycling, sweeping/mopping of hard floors, vacuuming of all carpeted space,  and dusting or wiping of hard surfaces.

Preventive maintenance is also performed on flooring surfaces on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis according to required services.

UCF Recycles

We provide the infrastructure and support for all recycling efforts while promoting a clean and sustainable campus. To learn more about Recyling at UCF, visit our site: 

Recycling at UCF

Holding an event or campus function?

If an organization holds an event on campus, there are guidelines that need to be followed with regards to cleaning up after that event. If the event is being held after hours, we recommend you hire a housekeeper or this department. Please refer to our billable rates for more information. If you are planning an event, we ask that you submit details through the link below. 

Event Request

Services include:
  • Clean classrooms, hallways, and offices
  • Clean restrooms
  • Replacing paper towels and soap
  • Clean out recycle bins and trash cans
  • Vacuum, sweep, mop, and wax floors
  • Clean windows
  • Schedule regular pest control
Frequently asked questions
Who cleans my building?

Because of the large number of buildings within the University of Central Florida campuses and the desire to establish a high-quality learning, living and working environment for the students, faculty and staff, our Housekeeping department provides cleaning services in these buildings with a host of qualified custodians attending to specified buildings.

How do I request a cleaning?

Contact your building coordinator, submit a customer request via AiM, email work control at, or call Work Control at 407-823-5223.

What can you recycle on campus?
  • All Plastics #1-#7 (tubs, jugs, jars, bottles, etc.)
  • Mixed Paper (office paper, books, magazines, phonebooks, newspaper, cereal boxes, paper egg cartons, paper bags, milk cartons, juice cartons, etc.)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Steel cans, aluminum cans, loose metal lids, steel bottle caps, clean balled aluminum foil, empty aerosol cans.