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Facilities and Business Operations and Procedures


Policy Description Approval Date
Appearance Facilities Operations & Landscape and Natural Resources Employee Appearance Policy 5/20/2019
Appearance-Spanish Facilities Operations & Landscape and Natural Resources Employee Appearance Policy 5/20/2019
Bag and Tag Handling of lost items 3/14/2014
Bed Adjustmentment Bed Adjustment Heights 10/7/2021

Standard operating procedures

SOP Description Approval Date
FO SOP-02 Backlog Definitions and Explanation 4/20/2017
FO SOP-08 Planning & Scheduling Rentable Assets 6/17/2015
FO SOP-009 FO Housing On-Call Process 4/15/2021
FO SOP-14 Warranty Claim Process 9/13/2016
FO SOP-15 NONC Phase Status 2/17/2016
FO SOP-16 Two-way Radio Procedure 6/22/2015
FO SOP-17 Banner standards for exterior and interior vertical walls of campus buildings 4/14/2016
FO SOP-19 Canceling a phase and/or work order 4/28/2016
FO SOP-21 Adding an Asset Using the Mobile App 8/22/2018
FO SOP-22 Attendance Tracker 12/18/2015
FO SOP-25 Processing e-Builder Projects in the Computerized Maintenance Management System 4/16/2020
FO SOP-26 Housing laundry equipment repair procedure 4/28/2016
FO SOP-27 Performing Work on Dematic ARC Assets 11/1/2018
FO SOP-28 Time Card Management 2/7/2017
FO SOP-29 Work Control Center and On-Call Procedures for Other Than Normal Working Hours 3/23/2017
FO SOP-30 Shared Fleet Van #327 Access 8/29/2017
FO SOP-33 Vendor Services Purchasing Process 9/29/2017
FO SOP-34 Continuing Services Purchasing Process 10/06/2017
FO SOP-35 Selection Justification Process 10/06/2017
FO SOP-36 Standard Change Request Process 11/16/2017
FO SOP-36 UCF Design, Construction, and Renovation Standards Change Request Form 02/05/2019
FO SOP-H01 HK Closet Setup and Care 8/8/2014
FO SOP-H01S HK Closet Setup and Care – Spanish 8/8/2014
FO SOP-H02 Facilities Door and Lock Policy 8/17/2018
FO SOP-H02S Facilities Door and Lock Policy – Spanish 8/17/2018
FO SOP-H03 Wave Vac 9/3/2014
FO SOP-H03S Wave Vac – Spanish 9/3/2014
FO SOP-H04 Shower Cleaning – Bathrooms 4/5/2016
FO SOP-H04S Shower Cleaning – Bathrooms – Spanish 4/5/2016
FO SOP-H05 Restroom Cleaning 5/3/2017
FO SOP-H06 Stainless Steel Cleaning Procedure 11/7/2018
FO SOP-H06S Stainless Steel Cleaning Procedure – Spanish 11/7/2018
FO SOP-H07 Dorm Room Routine Cleaning 11/15/2017
FO SOP-H07S Dorm Room Routine Cleaning – Spanish 2/3/2015
FO SOP-H08 Entry/Exit of Student Dorm Room 10/31/2014
FO SOP-H08S Entry/Exit of Student Dorm Room – Spanish 10/28/2014
FO SOP-H09 FO Housing On-Call Process 5/06/2021
FO SOP-H09S FO Housing On-Call Process – Spanish 5/06/2021
FO SOP-H012 Floor Sweeping 3/1/2017
FO SOP-H012S Floor Sweeping – Spanish 3/1/2017
FO SOP-H14 Kitchen Deep Cleaning 10/28/2014
FO SOP-H14S Kitchen Deep Cleaning – Spanish 10/27/2014
FO SOP-H15 Custodial Cart Set-up 4/21/2016
FO SOP-H15S Custodial Cart Set-up – Spanish 4/21/2016
FO SOP-H018 Vent Cleaning/Dusting 3/3/2017
FO SOP-H018S Vent Cleaning/Dusting – Spanish 3/3/2017
FO SOP-H20 Trash/Recycling receptacle disposal 10/28/2014
FO SOP-H22 HK Vac Usage and Care 9/23/2014
FO SOP-H22S HK Vac Usage and Care – Spanish 9/23/2014
FO SOP-H25 Floor Auto Scrubber 10/27/2014
FO SOP-H25S Floor Auto Scrubber – Spanish 10/8/2014
FO SOP-H26 Request for Service – Dusting 3/16/2015
FO SOP-H26S Request for Service – Dusting – Spanish 10/19/2015
FO SOP-H32 Floor – Wet Mopping 7/7/2015
FO SOP-H32S Floor – Wet Mopping – Spanish 7/7/2015
FO SOP-H35 Whiteboard Care Cleaning 1/05/2017
FO SOP-H36 Floor Fan Operation 9/14/2015
FO SOP-H36S Floor Fan Operation – Spanish 9/14/2015
FO SOP-H37 Refuse Toter Cleaning 3/12/2015
FO SOP-H37S Refuse Toter Cleaning – Spanish 3/12/2015
FO SOP-H038 Refuse Collection 3/3/2017
FO SOP-H039 Walls and Doors Cleaning 3/3/2017
FO SOP-H039S Walls and Doors Cleaning – Spanish 3/3/2017
FO SOP-H040 Dispenser and Receptacle Cleaning 3/23/2017
FO SOP-H040S Dispenser and Receptacle Cleaning – Spanish 3/23/2017
FO SOP-H041 Classroom and Lab Cleaning 8/29/2017
FO SOP-H041S Classroom and Lab Cleaning – Spanish 8/29/2017
FO SOP-H042 Housing HK Summer Linen & Supplies 11/21/2017
FO SOP-H043 Bed Bug Response in Housing Spaces 3/06/2018
FO SOP-H043S Bed Bug Response in Housing Spaces – Spanish 3/06/2018
FO SOP-M01 Using a Megger 5/9/2014
FO SOP-M03 FACP Tag Placement 7/2/2014
FO SOP-M04 General Maintenance Instructions 7/2/2014
FO SOP-M05 Contactor Replacement 5/4/2015
FO SOP-R01 Adding a new account number to AiM 5/9/2014
FO SOP-R03 Creating maintenance standards in AiM 12/1/2014
FO SOP-R04 Creating PM Templates in AiM 12/1/2014
FO SOP-W01 Parking Services WO Approval Process 8/27/2018
FO SOP-W04 Dispatcher Processing Customer Requests 8/29/2017
FO SOP-W07 WCC Scheduling Dispatched Work Orders 5/6/2019
FO SOP-QMF QMF Work Orders 9/13/2018
FO SOP-W08 Creating Project Work Orders from e-Builder 12/04/2019
FO SOP-W09 Customer Service Phone Etiquette 7/3/2019