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Traka security boxes are deployed across our campuses to manage, secure, and distribute university
key sets to employees during working hours for unversity-related business purposes. Currently on the
TrakaWEB system, all new boxes are equipped with proximity readers and administrators are able to
manage keys per department, college, or functional work area. Traka boxes can be used for managing
vehicle keys, equipment keys, and various types of building keys. These boxes help support our
campus wide goal to improve security, efficiency and safety for the UCF community.

If you have questions about the Traka system, please direct your inquiries to

Cabinet Details

V-Touch Series Accommodates up to 5 sets of keys
M-Touch SeriesAccommodates up to 20 sets of keys
S-Touch SeriesAccommodates up to 60 sets of keys
L-Touch SeriesAccommodates up to 180 sets of keys

All cabinets are equipped with the following features:

  • 24/7 access to keys
  • Backup battery
  • Controlled access

Purchase and Installation

If your department is interested in a Traka box purchase, please follow the link below to submit a
minor project request for review by a Facilities Project Manager.

Individual Access Requests

For UCF employee GGM access, please submit:

  • UCF Employee Justification Memo
  • UCF Employee Electrical/Mechanical Training Course Certificate

For UCF employee Building Master access, please submit:

  • UCF Employee Building Master Justification Memo

For vendor GGM access, please submit:

  • Vendor GGM key request letter signed by Chief Company Officer

For vendor Building Master access, please submit:

  • Vendor key request letter for Building Master or Electrical/Mechanical access

All forms can be found at this link:

For UCF employee fleet vehicle access, please submit a Traka Vehicle Access Request.

Report an Issue with a Traka Box

Please click here to report any Traka box issues or to request user access updates.