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Consistent comfort is our number one priority

We make sure all of our equipment is maintained properly to keep the heating and cooling of buildings running at a comfortable temperature. We also work closely with Utilities and Energy Services to ensure that energy efficient operation standards are met.

Maintenance and Operations Requirements [UES INFO 001]
HVAC Change Request Form

Services include:
  • Regular safety checks on HVAC equipment
  • Repair and installation of new machinery and efficient temperature controls
  • Changing air filters
  • Replacing steam traps
  • Repairing pumps
  • Maintaining HVAC units and cooling towers
  • Residential boiler maintenance
Frequently asked questions

I am hot/cold!

Contact your building coordinator, submit a customer request via AiM, email work control at, or call Work Control at 407-823-5223

Why am I billed for some work requested?

Facilities Operations has a budget to maintain certain buildings. This budget has a defined scope of work with requests such as mounting a TV, installing a receptacle, or hanging a banner not falling within that scope of work. Also, there are some buildings that all work is billable due to the nature of the building.

Why can’t you do my Maintenance Work Request “right away” when it will only take 5 minutes?

We receive many requests like this every day. To maintain control of the workload, all Maintenance Work Requests must be prioritized and scheduled.