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Shop Labor Rates

Certain requests and work performed by Facilities Operations staff is billable, meaning it must be paid for by the requesting department (Download chargeable spreadsheet). As such, the bills include labor charges associated with the performance of work by Facilities’ Shops. Please keep in mind that the actual cost for any service request will depend on several factors, including the amount of time and the cost of associated materials required to complete the job.



Labor Rates for the new year can change due to a number of factors. Some of the factors include an across the board merit increase, change overhead staff, or the quantity of line employees. F&S recalculates the rates every fiscal year for the following departments: Facilities Operations, Utilities and Energy Services, Landscape and Natural Resources, and Environmental Health and Safety. Please see the updated rates below.


Facilities Departments Labor Rates

Billing Group FY 20 Rate FY 20 Overtime Rate FY 21 Rate FY 21 Overtime
Environmental Health and Safety $75.94 $113.91 $75.94 $113.91
Facilities Maintenance $63.58 $95.37 $63.58 $95.37
Facilities Housekeeping $33.04 $49.56 $33.04 $49.56
Landscape and Natural Resources $42.14 $63.21 $42.14 $63.21
Utilities and Energy Services $83.15 $124.73 $83.15 $124.73
Building Key Charge (per key) $17.82 $17.82
Fuel Key Charge (per key) $30.23 $30.23


*Please note: There is a one-hour minimum labor charge for all jobs. (Does not apply to keys)