Safety. Comfort. Cleanliness.
For All Knights.

UCF Facilities Operations

Our goal is simple- to support university initiatives and to keep things at UCF running smoothly. We do that by maintaining and repairing building equipment to minimize interruptions and create a safe and comfortable environment for our students and faculty.

In urgent situations, such as an inoperative elevator, toilet running over, power outage, an extremely hot or cold room, or an alarm which won't turn off, call the Work Control Center immediately!
Call day or night seven days a week: 407-823-5223 or email

To submit a Customer Service Request via email, download the pdf form to your desktop, fill out, and submit.

Customer Service Request [pdf]

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Shop Labor Rates
Certain requests and work performed by Facilities Operations staff is billable, meaning it must be paid for by the requesting department (see what’s billable). As such, the bills include labor charges associated with the performance of work by Facilities’ Shops. Please keep in mind that the actual cost for any service request will depend on several factors, including the amount of time and the cost of associated materials required to complete the job. Please note, there is a one-hour minimum labor charge for all jobs.

Facilities Operations Labor Rates

Billing Group Last Year Average New Billing Rate
Facilities Operations Maintenance $28.50 $34.63
Facilities Operations Housekeeping $22.33 $21.54