Our goal is simple - to support university initiatives and to keep things at UCF running smoothly. We do that by maintaining buildings and equipment to minimize interruptions and create a safe and comfortable environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Request Service or Report an Issue

Maintenance & Housekeeping
Call 24/7: (407) 823-5223
Email: wcc@ucf.edu


In urgent situations, such as an inoperative elevator, toilet running over, power outage, an extremely hot or cold room, or an alarm which won't turn off, call the Work Control Center immediately!
Call day or night seven days a week: 407-823-5223 or email wcc@ucf.edu.



NEW LABOR RATES: Beginning July 1st, new billable rates for FY19 will go into effect. You can view the new rate chart here: http://fo.ucf.edu/laborrates


NEW CAMPUS MAP: https://secure.fs.ucf.edu/aimmap
An interactive campus map has been created for viewing work orders in each building. Information from this map is pulled from the AiM database and requires an NID login to view. The default view shows open high priority corrective work, but you can customize your view using the filters up top. Just click RESET to go back to the default view. This is the first version of the map and we have plans to make improvements in the future, but give it a try and let us know what you think! If you have any questions, please contact fowebhelp@ucf.edu.