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Our warehousing and distribution team receives, processes, stages and delivers property, parcels, and packages for the UCF community.

Most deliveries, depending on size, urgency, fragility or sensitivity should be delivered directly to your building and not Central Receiving. These arrangements should be communicated to the vendor prior to shipping.

If you need to have a delivery scheduled for receiving at our main warehouse, please send us an e-mail. Also, be sure that your vendor or shipper includes the following on the shipping paperwork and on the truck bill of lading to ensure receipt:

  • Your name
  • Department
  • Office extension
  • Purchase Order information (if applicable)
  • Destination building name or number 

For inbound freight shipments, Central Receiving’s address is:

University of Central Florida
Central Receiving Building 16E
3540 East Perseus Loop
Orlando, FL 32816-3600

The phone number for the main warehouse is 407-823-2398.