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Central Stores procures and issues materials (stock and non-stock) for departments within Facilities as well as other entities within the university. The computerized maintenance management system, AiM is used to process requests and management of inventory.

Safety Shoe Information and Truck Schedule

Facilities & Safety provides safety shoes to all employees who work in potentially hazardous environments.  Safety shoes are considered PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and are covered by an annual perquisite managed by Central Stores for members of the Facilities & Safety team.  If you need safety shoes and you work for a department that is not part of Facilities & Safety, please be certain to follow the perquisite rules and procedures as defined by Central Human Resources.

Safety shoes are issued to each employee up to twice annually with permission of the employee’s supervisor as approved by the respective department head.  Employees are permitted to choose a style of shoe that does not exceed $140.00 per pair.  Any difference between the $140.00 threshold and the actual purchase price must be paid in cash, by the employee, at the time of purchase.

Safety shoes purchased through this program are, at all times, state property and should be treated as such.  They are not to be used for personal use.

Safety Shoe Authorization Form (works best with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers)

Safety Shoe Truck Schedule